Road to Dar es Salaam

In the period before the March 10-11 conference at Dar es Salaam, the Fund will be focusing its attention on policy challenges faced by low-income countries (particularly Africa). Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is scheduled to speak at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. on March 3 on the impact of the financial crisis on low-income countries. This is the subject of a IMF report that will be released the same day. A week later, 300 prominent participants will assemble in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to offer their perspectives on the impact of the financial crisis on Africa and the policy measures that are needed to address the key challenges. You will hear from African policymakers as well as the views of the African private sector, civil society, and academics.

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This could well be another

This could well be another talk-shop, judging from what you have described as the main points that your Managing Director will be making before and at the conference. Are there any concrete plans to be announced at the conference that will be helping AFrican countries weather the current financial crisis by the IMF or other development partners?
Signaling with a conference like this is one thing, backing it up with concrete and tangible plans that indeed help Africa grow in a sustainable manner is another.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you that the conference needs to focus on concrete outcomes. The IMF is publishing its analysis of the impact of the financial crisis on low-income countries on March 3. We see the conference itself as a platform to discuss how countries should address the challenges with the support of the international community.

- Vasuki

I am convinced Dar es Salaam

I am convinced Dar es Salaam is the place to be for any CEO that wants to win with Africas success and I will make sure my company sends some representative to Tanzania.

The best way to tackle the financial crisis and help your company recover is through investment in expanding markets like Africa. Any CEO missing this will have missed the train once the recovery is here.

In name of Pactworld I wish the Dar es Salaam lots of success in the conference.

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